Picture of Daft broom sweeping pathway

Sweeping you off your feet

Brooms designed to last

Picture of broom in presentation gift book

Get ready to tidy up your garden.

As used by Test & County cricket groundsmen!

Picture of Daft broom in fist like grip to illustrate its strength


Made from sustainable, natural materials

Get daft!

From gardeners and professional cricket groundsmen to farmers and fastidious tidy upperers, Daft brooms are sweeping the nation.

They make a fantastic and highly practical present and will bring a smile to even the glummest of folk.

And if you're trying to sweep someone off their feet ... well, why not!

Picture of broom in presentation gift book

Things we love.

Clean paths, patios, backyards, driveways, stables, stableyards - you name it.

Everyday items that are made to last, just like our brooms.

Responsible manufacturing - doing business in a different way, making our planet as important as profit.

picture of Daft broom sweeping path

Things that make us bristle.

Messy paths, patios, backyards, driveways, stables and stableyards.

Poorly made everyday items that just don't last.

Our "throw-away" culture. We believe passionately that buying cheap is a false economy.

Picture of Daft broom with brown logo lying on path

Responsibly made - made to last.

  • Broom head

    A contemporary design to ensure a gravity centric sweep and made from FSC certified European Beech.

  • Bristles

    Made from natural fibres harvested from the Piassava, a palmindigenous to the Bahia region of Brazil. The bristles are therefore made from an eco-friendly, highly flexible and an impermeable natural material.

  • The Join

    We've overcome the "achilles heel" of most brooms - how the handle is fixed to the broom head - by using a similar lock-screw connector that gives a two piece snooker cue its strength and rigidity.

  • The handle

    Bursting with strength and made from sustainably sourced, FSC certified European Beech.

Sweepings ...

I mean, give me a guitar, give me a piano, give me a broom and string, I wouldn't get bored anywhere.

When the others grew tired and went home and there was no one else to play with I used to play my own Test matches on the porch of our house, using a broom handle as the bat and a marble as the ball.

No matter what, no matter when, no matter who... any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. He just needs the right broom.

When I was eight, my pals and I went up to my bedroom, put on our party frocks and mimed to records using broom handles as microphones.