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We’re passionate about buying things that are made to last and are made from sustainably sourced, natural materials.

Unlike any other broom we've come across (and believe us we've tried out many!) using European, FSC certified wood is not only environmentally the right thing to do but we've selected in beech, a super strong hardwood which means you'll never experience any flex in the handle during use.

Similarly in selecting Piassava fibre for bristles, we've opted for a non-elastic, highly flexible and impermeable natural material. 

The “harvest” of the Piassava palm is an essentially extractive activity and is carried out by small farmers and Quilombola communities - Afro-Brazilians descended from escaped slaves in Brazil - that depend on the sale of this fibre to survive.

Initially we are sourcing Piassava fibre through intermediaries but we are hopeful we may be able to source directly from one of these communities in the future. 

In order to be able to harvest fibre from the Piassava, the palm cannot be felled. No chemicals are used at any time during the extraction cycle or processing of the fibre. The fibre grows between the branches of the palm itself and is harvested once a year. It takes a palm tree 7 years to produce fibre and the the useful life of a tree can reach 100 years. 

Daft broom leaning on a tree