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It doesn’t get much dafter than buying something just because it’s cheap, especially when it's travelled half way round the world in a container ship leaving behind a trail of waste & emissions, only for it to fall apart soon after use. 

But that’s the case with thousands upon thousands of everyday products, including one of mankind's oldest tools, the humble broom.

Fed up with throwing away three in as many months and not being able to replace them with anything of real quality, we decided to create our own.

What started out as a bit of a bugbear and then became a "Lockdown" project, has resulted in a broom that will sweep you off your feet and better still is made here in the UK, using sustainably sourced natural materials.

Handmade with purpose, our brooms are comparatively expensive but that's something to be reassured by as it makes them true to values we share with a rapidly increasing number of consumers:- 

  • Durability over disposability
  • Quality over quantity
  • Buy cheap pay twice

We trust this is the last broom you buy for many years to come - unless of course you're buying one for someone else or have so much sweeping to do, you need additional help.

Thank you for not being daft!

Pete Kemp
(Chief of Daft)